About Us

KASSMI is a design portfolio for an exclusive range of home accessories and gifts. KASSMI has some of the best workmanship working on their product range in their design studio in New Delhi, India.

It initially started as nothing but just a creative concept. An absolutely unique range of gift items designed using the skill of zardozi and other hand embroideries on silk brocade fabric, framed using wood and glass to create a range of items such as trays, boxes, coasters, photo frames, lamps, corner tables, umbrella stands, planters, and lots more.

An art which was earlier prevalent only on either wedding attire or as just wall hangings, was now available in the form of such exclusive accessories. (Zardozi, the traditional art of court embroidery is the sheer magic of nimble fingers and imaginative designs, envisaged by the ensemble of lustrous metallic wire which not now but was traditionally the silver wire coated / plated with gold, silk threads, beads and stones, The current form of embroidery in India is based on the traditions that were followed during the Mughal period.)

The pioneers in this concept got an immediate and positive response from the initial few people that the product was shown to. This inspired the duo team to convert it into a business idea, and that’s when the product was introduced to the market.